Video production

On average we only spend up to 30 seconds on a website, but with embedded video, your visitors are more inclined to stay for up to 5 minutes. This is key when making an impression and generating interest in your brand. We offer various options for your video, including voice-overs, documentary ticker tape, funky transitions and much more.

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Video for online business promotion

A bite-size video designed to sell the key aspects of your business. These videos are perfect for small businesses such as coffee shops, salons and more. Get in contact with us today to get started!

The video production process

Digital video is an essential marketing tool that allows your business to put forward a memorable and informative video to your audience, promoting both your business and services.

  • Key Message Planning

  • Filming

  • Video Editing

  • Creative Feedback

  • Supply of Video

Key Message Planning

We get to know you, your business and what drives you. We’ll then plan the fundamental elements of your video, what you want to get across to your clients and how we’re going to do it.


On an agreed date we’ll attend your business with our team and filming equipment, we’ll capture the main sequences such of your team, and interviews with video and audio. We’ll also capture secondary imagery to allow our editor to compile an interesting and thoughtful story that truly complements your business, products and services.

Video Editing

Once we have all of our source footage and audio, we’ll compile the very best elements into a comprehensive video about your business and services. Any graphics that are needed for slideshows and intros are created at this stage.

Creative Feedback

Once we’ve created a modern and professional video about your business and services we provide you with an initial draft which will be very close to the final article, we receive final touch feedback from your business and then create the final video which will be used as your promotional video.

Supply of Video

Once your video has had the final touches applied, polished and created into a high definition feature video, we’ll upload the video file online so that you can embed it into your own website, or use the link to send out to your customers. We’ll also provide you with a download link so you can save the file to your machine and network.

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