The importance of photography in business

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The importance of photography in business

Always, always use professional photography in your companies marketing. Why? let’s find out…

Often we find that companies will try to reduce costs by taking photographs of staff, their business or the products they sell on a mobile phone “it’ll come out alright, these phones are pretty good at taking pictures these days right, right?” if you’ve ever had this thought pass through your mind, you need to stop and think about the consequences of those actions.

As a way to illustrate my point, we all know we shouldn’t eat fast food, it’s greasy, fried and full of fat and shouldn’t really be a part of our diet. That being said, with the power of photography on it’s side, fast food can change your mind in a split second, our mouth waters at the sight of a succulent salad and cheese filled burger with extra sauce. This truly is the power of professional photography, lighting and retouching of those images, without professional photography, most fast food chains just wouldn’t have a great deal of business.

What we’re trying to point out is that, photography sometimes slips to the bottom of a business ‘to do list’ and often never comes back to the surface, when in reality it should be up there with the likes of  an amazing logo and creative marketing. Without photography, you run the risk of portraying an unprofessional look to your clients.

If you sat down in a fancy restaurant, that attracted you in with it’s clean and crisp graphic designer logo and swanky building signing with a great atmosphere visible through windows, to sit down at your table and eagerly flick open your menu to find fuzzy, soft images that are badly lit and just not composed, you’d immediately question why you walked through the door in the first place.

The same is true for your team portraits, why would potential customers trust your business and staff as an outsider who’s looking to spend a chunk of their hard earned money on products through your team? For how affordable professional photography is these days, you should make it a priority on your to do list for your business. If your company portraits are professional, your staff will come across as professional. If you’re portraits are taken on a camera phone, people will immediately tell that corners have been cut, which will have a negative effect on the portrayal of your business.

Please see below examples of what we can achieve when we produce your company portraits.

Porsche Centre Leeds 1091-Portrait Photographer Sheffield Leeds

Porsche Centre Leeds 1074-Portrait Photographer Sheffield Leeds

Porsche Centre Leeds 1081-Portrait Photographer Sheffield Leeds

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