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We’ve recently been lucky enough to work with some brilliant clients creating some truly tasty new logos.  These new logos reflect their position in the market and the personalities and values of the people who work in the organisation. Understanding those links is fundamental to what we do.

Idea Design The Olive Lounge Logo Design Rotherham Sheffield

It’s worth investing time and money in your logo. It’s an important and prominent aspect of your business and your customers will intuitively recognise a logo of quality. If your logo is poor quality and hasn’t been developed properly, customers might perhaps draw some conclusions about your products and services. If your logo looks professional, friendly and reflects the products you sell, your brand will look trustworthy and prompt people into contacting you, it’s as simple as that.

We recently developed a new logo for Chip Butty Records a Sheffield based record label for Bassline, Garage, 4×4 and House music.

Logo design for Chip Butty Records

Idea Design Chip Butty Records Logo Rotherham Sheffield

Brainstorming and initial conecpts

Initially we developed a range of outline creative ideas as a scoping exercise. This helped to brainstorm general ideas of what the logo should incorporate in order to deliver brand identification for a culturally value driven organisation. When we’ve created initial concepts they’re worked into creative visuals that are shared with the client for feedback.

Idea Design Chip Butty Records Logo Design Rotherham Sheffield

Choosing a logo design concept

Once we’ve received feedback from the client we move into refining and developing the chosen creative theme. It’s refined into the core logo and the finalised design.

Idea Design Chip Butty Records Logo Design Rotherham Sheffield

Creating the final logo design

We create the logo in black and white to make sure that everyone is happy with the design before adding any colour. A professional logo should always look good on both black and white backgrounds, as shown in the image below.

Idea Design Chip Butty Records Logo Design Black and White

Once the client is happy with the overall design and shape of the logo we then start adding colour options. In this case we used a strong, bright red to make the logo pop off a white background something that also works when the colours are inverted.

Idea Design Chip Butty Records Logo Design Red and White

Here’s the final Chip Butty Records logo design…

Idea Design Chip Butty Records Logo Rotherham Sheffield

We used red for the Chip Butty Records logo because it symbolises the strength and passion of the music that the record label helps produce, as well as relating to tomato ketchup which people often enjoy on their chip butties!

Here’s what Chip Butty Records said:

“Great company, great staff 🙂  Thanks so much for my lovely design.”
Sam – Chip Butty Records, Sheffield

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