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Gallery Town Rebranding

Complete rebranding and logo design for Gallery Town, an open air art gallery around Rotherham town centre.

Gallery Town is an innovative and exciting Arts Project in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The project hosts over 100 public art installations in over 60 Town Centre locations. Artwork all over the town is created by local artists and students from Rotherham schools and colleges.

Gallery Town Logo Refresh

IDEA Design were approached by Ged Omar of Gallery Town to give the Gallery Town logo and brand a complete refresh. The Gallery Town project had been left dormant for a number of years before Ged stepped in. Since then, businesses and schools from all over Rotherham have been doing their part in creating artwork and sponsoring Gallery Town. Gallery Town wanted their logo refreshing using a modern style but still keeping the brush stroke ‘GT’ from the previous Gallery Town logo as a way of evolving the brand, instead of a complete change. Gallery Town also wanted the A, R and T highlighting in the vibrant magenta to help get the message across that the Gallery Town project is based around ART.

Business Card Design

As part of the Gallery Town rebranding, one of the first things we took a look at was their business cards. The previous Gallery Town business cards looked a bit dreary and dated, so we updated using the new Gallery Town logo that we produced.

The new business cards are a lot more modern in style and use the vibrant magenta and black to give a great visual impact. The cards also incorporate social media icons and the hashtag ‘bepartoftheart’ to encourage people to post up pictures and comments about the Gallery Town project and artworks.

Window Stickers

Next on the list of marketing materials was the Gallery Town window stickers. The window stickers are for the companies and establishments that sponsor/support Gallery Town. Once they’re stuck in their window’s it shows that they’re supporting Gallery Town and the regeneration of Rotherham town centre.

Sponsorship Brochure

The sponsorship brochure is an eight page document that explains what Gallery Town is and what they are looking to achieve in and around Rotherham. The brochure also lists different sponsorship packages that businesses can take up, in order to raise their awareness to other businesses around Rotherham.

A lot of local businesses are sponsors and patrons to the Gallery Town project such as: Aesseal, Pyronix, McDonalds, Staff Force, Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber, Rotherham Borough Council and IDEA!

Rotherham Town Artwork Maps

To aid people find the various artworks around Rotherham town centre, Gallery Town asked us to create a map that shows where the artworks are in different zones of the town. We used various colours for each zone and highlighted the main pieces of artwork so people could keep a look out for them when they were walking and perusing around Rotherham.

Rotherham Train Station Signage

In order to let visitors and commuters know they’re in Rotherham, the UK’s largest gallery town, we created a sign for the platform of Rotherham Train Station. The sign says’ Welcome to Rotherham, welcome to Gallery Town’ and incorporates the main pieces of artwork that can be found around the town centre from some well known local artists.

In the image opposite you can see Ged Omar, the project manager of Gallery Town, and the Mayoress of Rotherham standing next to the sign that we created.

Rotherham Town Centre

Art Installations

Around the whole of Rotherham town centre you will find art pieces installed on the sides of lots of different buildings. These are the pieces of artwork that the local artists and students have produced for Gallery Town. Some of the pieces are created by well known artists such as Pollyanna Pickering, Jean Marc Janiacyzk and Dino Caruana!

The new Gallery Town logo features on each of these art installations along with the business sponsor for each piece.

Gallery Town Rebrand Event

Once all of the marketing material, art installations and signage had been completed, it was now time for the Gallery Town rebrand launch event. The event was full of businesses and art students that showed their support for Gallery Town. Ged Omar, project manager and Gallery Town patron, Pollyanna Pickering gave inspiring speeches and thanked everyone for the support that Gallery Town have already received helped by our branding and marketing material. After the event, Ged took everyone on a tour of some of the pieces around Rotherham town centre.

Project Photography

Below you will find images we have taken on behalf of Gallery Town of their rebrand event, art installations and other images associated with the Gallery Town rebranding project. We’d like to thank Gallery Town for the opportunity to work with such as positive project for Rotherham and it’s surrounding areas.

Gallery Town Rachel Lewis Rotherham Art IDEA Design
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Rotherham rebrand event
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Rebrand Launch
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Rebrand Launch 1
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Rotherham rebrand event portrait
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Brochure Rotherham 12
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Brochure Rotherham 1
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Rotherham Brochure Right
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Rotherham Brochure Left
IDEA UK Design Gallery Town Rotherham Train Station Sign

Here we are with the Mayoress and her partner at the unveiling of the Gallery Town, Rotherham Train Station platform sign. We’d like to thank them both for taking the time and having their picture taken with us to help promote the Gallery Town project.

Thank you Gallery Town!

IDEA Design and Gallery Town Rotherham

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