The Brigantes Orchestra

Branding and website design for The Brigantes Orchestra of Sheffield. A contemporary orchestra founded and conducted by Quentin Clare.

Creating a professional brand and modern website for a contemporary orchestra

We’ve worked with the professional conductor Quentin Clare before, creating branding for the NSPO (National Student Philharmonic Orchestra) a few years ago, a project Quentin was very pleased with. Quentin contacted us again towards the end of 2018, needing another brand and website design for his new project, The Brigantes Orchestra, a professional orchestra in Sheffield.

Quentin wanted a clean and contemporary logo design that also communicated history and heritage, as the Brigantes were a tribe around Yorkshire in Iron Age and Roman eras. The original Brigantes (Brig-ant-ez) were a Celtic people; a collection of tribes ruled by Queen Cartimandua in 1st Century Northern England. They populated what is now Yorkshire. Literally meaning high ones, possibly in the sense of nobility or as ‘highlanders’ living on the Pennines or in Hill-forts, the Brigantes were both tribal and cultured, enjoying theatre and music. The Brigantes Orchestra encapsulates location, culture, unity and the idea that an orchestra is, roughly speaking, a tribe of musicians.

Logo concept and creation

After we researched the history and meaning of the Brigantes tribe, we started to create initial concepts for the logo design and brand. After meetings with Quentin, we agreed that the logo needed to be highly professional, clean and simple but able to show the heritage and meaning behind the name. After various concept ideas, we produced the tribal shape that sits at the top of the logo mark. An asymmetrical shape that portrays the Celtic/tribal heritage of the Brigantes name and shape that gives the logo mark balance and presence.

Typography and layout

To complement the style of the logo mark we used a sans serif typeface for the brand name. A clean and simple font that resonates with the line thickness and style of the tribal mark above it. The typeface we chose for the brand name was Gotham, a professionally crafted typeface that works perfectly for this style of logo mark. We altered the kerning of the font and spaced the letters out to give them room to breathe, giving the logo its high-class aesthetic. For the word ‘orchestra’ we used a lighter version of Gotham and reduced the font size, directing the emphasis of the brand name to the word ‘Brigantes’. We then centralised the brand name so that it resonated with the logo mark above, keeping the balance and presence of the logo.

Responsive website design

Once the logo had been designed and approved by Quentin, we then moved on to building the website. Quentin wanted the website to reflect the logo, a clean and simple to use website that easily directs users to an external concert ticket purchasing platform.

The website consists of a home page, an about us page, a news page and a contact page. The main purpose of the website is for users to contact The Brigantes Orchestra and to book tickets from an external platform. We achieve this goal by keeping a clean and easy to navigate website with contact forms and ‘book tickets now’ buttons.

The home page of the website incorporates video of The Brigantes Orchestra to give movement and a flavour of the orchestra. The video’s movement keeps the interest of the website users, which keeps them on the website for a longer period of time.

“Absolutely first-class service from this company! No request is too much trouble for them and the attention to background preparation, research and to all the details is excellent.

I’ve used them twice now, once for a logo alone and once for a logo, branding package and for a beautiful website that is now receiving frequent traffic.

They’re on-trend, but also future-proofing. Great advice on all fronts and personable, professional service.

Highly recommended!”

Quentin Clare
The Brigantes Orchestra
Founder and Conductor

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