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Get to know the team at here at IDEA, our inspiration, skills and how we deliver great design and marketing for our clients. We’re running a short series of blog posts introducing each team member with a little interview. This is the second part of our interviews with Lee, the Studio Manager.


Lee Cant IDEA Commercial Photographer Sheffield


1. What are some of the toughest challenges you have faced to deliver great projects for clients?

Every project we work on brings it’s own set of challenges, complications and inspirations. We usually approach each project from a slightly different angle than the last, simply because all of our clients, our clients clients and the work they do is so unique that we have to devise ways to really make them stand out and push their message in front of their audience. Everything we work on challenges our team to think outside of the box and allows us to grow stronger, which adds even more tools to our arsenal.



2. Can you name the funnest project you have worked on so far?

Wow, there are so many fun projects that it’s really hard to nail one down, but if I had to pick… I would say working on Maxfield’s Travel and Jack n Jill’s WordPress powered websites would be the ones. Creating a fun and inviting atmosphere in the form of a website while keeping the overly complex product range clean and simple to follow is a great challenge and allows us to develop new ways to engage with our clients audience.


3. What makes great product and portrait photography?

Thats a great question. Photography is often overlooked in the grand scheme of running and marketing a business, with many clients choosing to settle for using generic ‘Stock photography’ for one or more reasons; either because they think Photography will be very expensive, or that it’s easier than hiring a Photographer to produce unique and professional works that are unique to each business and not mass produced like Stock Photography. Being able to promote your work force in a bright, clean and inviting way makes your clients see you as approachable and invites them to take action and connect with your business. The very same is true about your products too, if you really want to catch the attention of your clients and sell your products and wares to them, you really need to have professional photographs of them, even the cheapest produced product could look very expensive with the right lighting and angle. My advise would be to speak to IDEA if you have any photography requirements and see how we can help.


4. Can you share three top tips for delivering a successful project?

The key to success is always, always plan your project. We as humans, often get so caught up with the initial thought and then the wave of ideas that follow that we sometimes lose sight of what it was we originally wanted… The best way to avoid wasted time, and a more direct and ultimately successful project is to plan out the stages that you would like to achieve, initial idea, who your audience is, how you want to attract them, how you will implement your plan to real world digital and printed items and how you plan on dealing with the attention and feedback from clients. The easy bit is leaving your ideas with our team, who will develop your thoughts and ideas and make them into a viable, business ready project through to completion.


5. What is the best thing about working at IDEA?

Working at IDEA is great because each member of our team has a wealth of experience in their field, and we are so flexible that we can adapt to a wide range business requirements, it means that we can tackle pretty much anything you can throw at us, and if it cannot be completed completely in-house we have great business contacts we can work with to complete your projects on time and to a really high level.

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