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Get to know the team here at IDEA, our inspiration, skills and how we deliver great design and marketing for our clients. We’re running a short series of blog posts introducing each team member with a little interview. We’re kicking off today with Ben our Graphic Designer.


Ben Foster IDEA Graphic Designer Sheffield


1. Where do you get some of your inspiration from?

I mostly take my inspiration for design through different media such as TV, internet and even computer games. I feel that I’m always learning when I’m designing and it’s something that you can never really stop learning from. There’s always different ways of producing designs and an infinite different outcomes you can create – That’s what inspires me to become a better graphic designer.


2. Can you name the funniest project you have worked on so far?

I don’t know if I can name the funniest project but the most fun is a project I’m working on for Gallery Town at the moment! Gallery Town is an innovative & exciting Arts Project in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The project hosts over 100 public art installations in over 60 Town Centre locations. We were given total freedom to produce a logo of what we think would be the most suitable for Gallery Town. Logo and branding designs are my favorite projects to do, as they require a lot of creativity and it’s always exciting to challenge myself to see what I can come up with for the client. I’m really looking forward to seeing their new logo on the different pieces of excellent artwork around Rotherham town centre.


3. What excited you when you start a new client project?

Working on a project for a new client is always exciting as it might be a business type that we’ve not worked with before. Producing the initial designs for a client is the most creative part of the project as we’re mostly given creative freedom to produce what they need. It’s always good to see their faces light up when they first see what we’ve come up with, then we know we’ve done our job.


4. What inspired you to become a graphic designer?

I know it sounds like a cliché but I’ve always had an interest in art and illustrations – hand drawn and digital. I can remember being at school and always drawing in the back of my exercise books which then led on to study art and design at sixth form and then graphic design at college, just a natural progression really!


5. What is the best thing about working at IDEA UK?

The thing I like most about working at IDEA is the relaxed atmosphere. We all come in to the office and get along with each other which is what makes the job really enjoyable. Of course being a design agency there are always deadlines to work to but we make sure we meet them on time, every-time, that way no one stresses out!


Bonus Questions

1. What are some of your favourite logos and why?

My favourite logos are ones that are simple, clean and which make you have to look twice to fully understand what it is that you’re looking at. I really like the use of negative space in logos, something that’s cut out or punched out of a shape to make something that’s different and that gives you another perspective of the logo.


2. What can companies do to improve their logos and branding?

If companies are thinking to improve their branding they should think carefully about what direction they want to take their branding. They need to think about who they’re looking to aim at and make sure that their logo reflects the products/services that they’re wanting to market. This way their potential customers can instantly relate to them without them having to think twice about what they do. If your logo doesn’t reflect what your business then your customers won’t know what it is that you do!


Got any questions for Ben? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our next interview will be with Lee, our Studio Manager.

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