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The internet is massive and the web is just one part of it. You may have heard people talk about the deep web (things that are intentionally or accidentally hard for search engines to reach and index).

Lots of websites get created but never updated. Domain names are registered but never used. Even companies that are still active can forget to update their website’s with their latest news, showing out of date information and always thinking “We should update our website soon…”. Your website might not be a priority for your company, but an out of date website can put potential (and even existing) customers off.

Stanford University in the USA has conducted extensive research into ‘what makes a website ‘credible’, ‘trustworthy’ and how content on your site affects users perceptions of your company.

What does an out of date website look like?

  • Visibly dated stock photography
  • Latest news is from a year before
  • ‘Coming soon’ promotions that have been and gone
  • Social media feeds that are linked to but haven’t been updated for months

Websites become dormant for all kinds of reasons: unfriendly and unfamiliar content management systems (or no CMS at all), employees with passwords leaving the company, management team and employees not seeing any value or return on investment from the website.

How can you revive a dormant website?

  1. Visit your website, work through the navigation, screenshot or print out pages and highlight anything that’s out of date, no longer relevant or misleading.
  2. Make sure your contact information is available on every page – if you’re removing out of date content, you’ll want to make sure your customers can still contact you.
  3. Keep your social media accounts updated – it is usually easier to update your blog, Twitter and Facebook pages
  4. Get a plan together for how you’ll keep your site up to date in future. How often should it be updated?
  5. Switch to a content management system that makes it easy update your site.


If you want to organise some new photography, would like to launch a new website or just need a hand with your social media, get in touch. We’re working with new clients each week to build great websites that they can keep up to date.

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